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Supported Living

Supported Living is where a
direct care staff person works in the individual’s
home and community on goals and objectives desired
by the individual that were identified in the MAP.

Supported Live Respite

Respite care is a service
provided to or for any waiver individual who is
unable to care of themselves on a short term basis.

Direct Care Supervision

Among other
responsibilities, the direct care supervisor is
responsible for assuring the delivery of all Supported
Living Direct Care Services.

Supported Empoyment

Supported employment is
designed for individuals whom competitive
employment at or above the minimum wage is

Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention is a method
used to oer immediate, short-term help to
individuals who experience an event that produces
emotional, mental, physical, and behavioral distress or

Adaptive Equipment

This service is for the
purchase, leasing, and repair of adaptive, therapeutic,
and augmentative equipment.

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Our Mission Statement

The Mission of Care Above All Care is to provide home and community based programs that target populations such as people with Intellectual, Developmental Disabilities, and/or Mental Illness. Our mission is to assist in the planning and implementation of programs and activities to help those individuals set and reach attainable goals. Care Above All Care’s main objective is to increase
independence by improving their skills and ability to live, work, socialize, and integrate into the community.

Make It Yours
Contact your local DHS offceOr if attributed to PASSE, contact PASSE
Meet established developmental criteria.
Must meet the needs of at least one of
the available services we offer (Please
refer to provided services.)

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